Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday {365}

As I get back on track with my 365 project, I've been looking at "The Daily Shoot" website, along with some of my 365 friends. Today's theme is yellow. Well, this is....kind of. She is wearing a yellow pajama shirt. And, M is kind of yellow, if I had to pick a color. ;) The truth is that I took this earlier in the day before I knew what today's theme was. In this image she is showing me her "owie" and very concerned about it. Whatever it was she has recovered fully. :) Photobucket


Unknown said...

What a great expression! Nice yellow! :-) I'm so glad you're posting again!

Anonymous said...

Cute shot. Lovely eyes.

This shot reminds me of my daughter when she was 3yr old - she was such a drama queen that she would come with silly boo-boos just to get a princess band-aid ;)

Sandra said...

Beautiful! She's growing right infront of our eyes! Perfect focus.