Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday {Project 365}

Today's challenge on 'the daily shoot' is "make a photograph or something circular and crop it with a square frame". I remembered after dark (of course), that we have green tomatoes in our garden. I wish I would have gone with that instead! Anyway, here's a tomato from the store on the window sill. :)


Anonymous said...

Originally I thought of tomato for today's challenge but what all I had was Roma tomatoes and they weren't circle shaped...So went for a different subject ;)

Circular objects are hard to focus..aren't they - something I learned today.

I like the details on the stem and how they stick out.

Sandra said...

Great lighting. I like the shades from dark to light, it really gives the tomatoe dimension and depth.

Unknown said...

Nice work! I really like how you did something different with the assignment - most of us cropped our square right around the circle, but you did a different composition. I love it!