Friday, July 9, 2010

A day at the fair.

We went to the fair today. As she did last year, M really enjoyed riding on the 'car' ride! The bar could not have been in a worse spot as far as taking pictures of E, but these were too funny to not share! Photobucket When my husband checked on her tonight he found her like this; hanging on to her helium balloon!! I moved the ballon for safety reasons but had to get a picture (or a few) first! Photobucket


Anonymous said...

Lovely expression of joy/excitement on the tryptic composition.

2nd shot is priceless..I bet she's dreaming of balloons ;)

Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

OMG the expressions are just too cute. She is having so much fun.

The second one was really a "moment" to capture. Love the pp treatment on that one. LOL

I bet she's dreaming about balloons at the fair.

Unknown said...

I could be wrong, but I think M might have enjoyed the fair! lol. Great shots! The balloon photo is priceless!

Grandma said...

Those are just delightful! The balloon pic is so beautiful it almost chokes me up.